App-V 5.0 Technology Comparison Against App-V 4.6

Had to create an overview for a customer, so here it is:


  • Complete new technology. From scratch! (However approach is still the very same).
  • AssetDrive is gone (no Q:\ Drive Anymore). Was replaced by “Primary Installation Folder” which is now also deprecated (at least “visible”)
  • New File Format: APPV instead of SFT+OSD. Based on AppX Format (Windows 8.x Apps) and will probably also match or be very similar to “Universal Apps” / “Project Centennial” Packages
  • No sfttray.exe launcher anymore: Applications are launched directly by calling the native executable inside the “App-V Package Store”.
  • Advanced OS integration possibilities handled by the App-V Client. Those registration are physically and can be seen by other applications, e.g.:
    • Shell Extensions (since SP2)
    • FTAs
    • COM Objects
    • Software Clients (Registry)
    • Application Capabilities (Registry)
    • URL Protocol Handler
    • App Path (Registry)
    • Browser Helper Objects (IE) (Since SP2)
    • ActiveX Controls (IE) (Since SP2)
  • Per Machine Scripts which are run by the System Account. This allows you to bundle Shims or Drivers together with the App-V Package.
  • Powered by PowerShell: All aspects of App-V can/are handled with PowerShell
  • No more 4 GB Package limit
  • Plain File system instead of proprietary files (Package Store & Delta Cache)
  • No “hardcoded” Streaming Server URL inside the AppX Package
  • Mainstream support is not ceased by 14th July 2015.
  • Mainstream support till 9th January 2018
  • Bundling of App-V Applications into the same Virtual Environment is much easier and hassle free (Connection Groups).
  • SAP Gui (certain versions) is officially supported as an App-V 5.0 Package (However, BEX Analyzer not!)
  • Office 2013 is officially supported as an App-V 5.0 Package


  • Implemented Copy-On-Write prevents any write access to certain file types inside an App-V Bubble (e.g Self Updating packages are not possible anymore!)
  • Due to new App-V design certain applications break due to long (real) path as everything resides under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\AppV\ … {PGuid} .. {VGuid}..
  • App-V 5.0 does no longer contain Security Descriptors.
  • Applications which trigger an UAC prompt do not work “__COMPAT_LAYER=RunAsInvoker” trick does not work anymore. Workaround: Shim file must be created which is installed as MachineScript.


More stuff on the web: ( Video)

SAP Gui Support:

Office 2013 Support:


Windows 10 GA date announced

… And it is the 29th July.

But there is still no news whether App-V 4.6  will be officially supported on Windows 10 as mainstream support will end on 14th july (which probably means no further service packs for App-V 4.6 ).

At least it seems to work from technical viewpoint according to Tim Mangan from .




Hotfix Package 2 for Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0 Service Pack 3 is now available

As announced by Microsoft on the 27th May the hotfix Package 2 for App-V 5.0 Sp3 is now available

The following issues were addressed:

  • Issue 1: Office Click-to-Run applications do not start when you try to open Office documents from SharePointApp-V 5.0 tried to virtualize Office Click-to-Run applications. This broke integration with Microsoft SharePoint and prevented Office Click-to-Run applications from successfully starting when the user tried to edit Office documents that are hosted on SharePoint sites.
  • Issue 2: The App-V 5.0 client held a handle to the user profile that prevented the user profile service from deleting the profile when a user logged offThe App-V 5.0 client service held a handle to the user’s copy-on-write directory. This prevented the profile from being deleted when the user logged off. In turn, a temporary profile was created when the user logged on again. This prevented the publication of applications that were allowed for publication for the user.

The hotfix package is available as download here:

Source: The Official Microsoft App-V Team Blog

Chrome 43.0.2357.81

The (Google) Chrome/Chromium Team have just released a new minor stable release for their V43 branch.

Seems not to be interesting at all, however if you look into the change log here you can see the following entry:

2015-05-27 10_46_21-Hangouts


It was announced that Chrome 43 is going to use “AppContainer” Integrity Level for their renderer processes. However it seemed not to work properly (see )

Looks like they pulled back for the time being.