How to extract a Burn (WiX) based installer / installation / setup file

Ever wondered how to easily extract a Burn (WiX) based installer?

Of course you can track down all the setup resources with Procmon or Process Explorer and then copy everything in place.

However there is a much more elegant way using the WiX Toolset.

  1. Install the most recent WiX Toolset
  2. Add the “bin” folder of the WiX Toolset to the PATH Environment Variable (you do not have to but it makes life easier)
  3. Run the following command to extract your burn based installer:
    dark [burnbasedinstaller].exe -x [OutPutFolder]

As an example this can be used to extract the App-V Client Setup and get all MSI’s and bundled pre-requisites out of it:

2015-07-14 11_19_10-System

Et voila:

2015-07-14 11_20_14-AttachedContainer

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